Permanent Holding Magnets

Hold, Feed, Transfer, Locate, Guide Parts and Position.

The use of permanent type magnet assemblies in industry is rapidly expanding. Quite often, considerable savings can be made by replacing a hand operated clamping device with a permanent magnet. types and designs of permanent magnets vary greatly and can be easily adapted to most holding and lifting applications. Our engineers will be pleased to help you with your special problems; or to give you any information you may desire.

  • All components are made in USA.
  • Use in production and product application.
  • Order custom assemblies for unusual installation.
  • Hundreds of sizes in stock, ready for immediate shipment.
  • Use as alternative to conventional holding, positioning and fastening methods.
  • Ceramic magnets handles most applications.
  • Alnico magnets withstands high temperature use.
  • Neodymium offers extra magnets
Permanent Holding Magnet
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